Seminar: Real Estate Investment in Italy for US Citizens

Reality vs Myths

At Italive, we offer a special 2.5-day intense tour for US citizens considering purchasing real estate in Italy and would like to understand all details, risks, and consequences associated with the purchase and the ownership of real estate in Italy.

It is NOT a sales tour.

This seminar consists of meetings with leading English-speaking professionals who will share their knowledge with you. After 2.5 days of meetings, you will be in a much better position to make the decision about investing in real estate in Italy.

It is a must-take seminar to avoid typical and costly mistakes that US investors often face due to a lack of understanding and hard-sell practices standard in Italy.

Day 1: Arrival and Introduction

Private Car Service at the Airport / Train Station and Transfer to the Hotel

Welcome by our representative at the airport.Private transfer to a luxurious hotel in the heart of the city.

Introductory Meeting and Aperitivo with Attorney

Enjoy a traditional Italian aperitivo while discussing the legal aspects of moving and investing in Italy. This is an opportunity to ask questions, expectations and concerns associated with investing in Italy.

Day 2: Meetings with Attorneys, Accountants and Contractors

Meeting with English-Speaking Italian Attorney

A two-hour meeting with an Italian attorney who specializes in real estate transactions. You will discuss the legal nuances associated with the purchase, payments, reporting, and ownership of real estate in Italy.

You will understand all responsibilities associated with real estate ownership in various jurisdictions in Italy, including rules for rental, leasing, repairs, and remodeling, addressing complaints from the neighbors, hiring a management company, etc.

Meeting with English-speaking Italian Accountant

You will have a two-hour meeting with an English-speaking accountant to understand all tax implications linked to the ownership of real estate in Italy by US citizens.

You will discuss typical tax-effective structures common in Italy for owning various types of real estate and will learn about tax reporting requirements in Italy associated with the ownership of real estate and income generated by the real estate in Italy.

You may get a better understanding of the double-taxation risks.

Meeting with English-speaking Italian Contractor

A one-hour meeting with a contractor to understand the best practices, realities, and risks of working with contractors in Italy, from getting the necessary approvals to renovating to payment and inspection issues.

This is a crucial meeting that will help you to avoid most of the typical mistakes made by US investors in Italy when hiring a contractor or trying to estimate the construction budget and supervision.

Day 3: Meetings with Real-Estate Agents and Visits of Sample Listings

Meeting with a Real-Estate Agement

This is your opportunity to apply all the special inside knowledge you obtained the previous days and ask English-speaking real estate agents about different types of listings, listing analysis, costs of ownership, and management. It is not a sales meeting but an additional way to familiarize yourself with the Italian way of presenting real estate opportunities.

After this meeting, you will become one of the most educated US investors in the Italian real estate market who can analyze and find good opportunities without being distracted by only marketing.

Optional - Visits to Sample Listings

The Cost of the Seminar-Tour

The Cost of this Seminar

The cost of this 3-day seminar is 7,000EUR, excluding accommodation and airfare. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will be happy to accomodate them.

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